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Epi-Derm Silicone Patches by Biodermis – Subscribe and Save

$49.50 / month

Epi-Derm silicone patches for scars are ideal for preventing and managing small hypertrophic and keloid scars. Epi-Derm has a soft, flexible, natural colored fabric liner that moves with you. The Epi-Derm fabric protects against clothing and peeling at the corners, while it is still able to be easily trimmed.
Directions for use:
Epi-Derm can be applied as soon as sutures have been removed, and the scab is no longer present. Epi-Derm can be effective on older scars, however clinical studies have shown the newer the scar, the better the results.  One such study found a success rate of scar reduction up to 85% on scars under 1 year old, and a rate of about 65% for scars over 10 years old. This package contains one pair of the silicone patches.


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